0.Check your version of gradle,Ensure the version of gradle greater than 2.14.1

e.g. 2.14.1 3.1 3.2 3.2.1

You can download the gradle from this website


add adb ,gradle on your path

You can see this article How to adb into your path

You can see the Tinker wiki.


1.DownLoad the source code of tinker from github

git clone [email protected]:Tencent/tinker.git

2.Open the Sample project

cd tinker/tinker-sample-android

3.DownLoad the dependencies of sample,It may take a long time when you run firstly,you can drink a cup of coffee.

gradle clean

4.Buid debug apk

gradle assembleDebug

5.Install the debug base apk into your phone or emulator(e.g. Genymotion,Bluestacks)

adb uninstall tinker.sample.android && adb install app/build/bakApk/*.apk

6.Start the debug base apk

adb shell am start tinker.sample.android/.app.MainActivity

7.Change some codes in order to fix bugs

TODO:// Coding in order to fix bug1

TODO:// Coding in order to fix bug2

e.g.Change the Log TAG of MainActivity

one: get row of TAG

grep -n "TAG" app/src/main/java/tinker/sample/android/app/MainActivity.java | head -n 1 | cut -d ":" -f 1

two: Replace the TAG to your tag eg:TestTinker

sed -i '42s/.*/private static final String TAG = "TestTinker";/' app/src/main/java/tinker/sample/android/app/MainActivity.java

three: confirm the change successfully

grep -n "TestTinker" app/src/main/java/tinker/sample/android/app/MainActivity.java

8.Get the base debug apk fileName

find app/build/bakApk/ -type f -name *.apk -print | xargs ls -ltr | head -n 1 | awk '{print $9}' | cut -d "/" -f 4

9.Get “tinkerOldApkPath” first occurrence of rows which from tinker-sample-android/app/build.gradle

grep -n "tinkerOldApkPath" app/build.gradle | head -n 1 | cut -d ":" -f 1

10.Change the config of app/build.gradle to Updte the tinkerOldApkPath

Replace the line numbers which from number9 and apkName which from number8



number8 app-debug-1130-12-54-43.apk

number9 147

thus,you can get the command.

sed -i ‘number8s/.*/tinkerOldApkPath=”${bakPath}\/number9”/‘ app/build.gradle


sed -i '147s/.*/tinkerOldApkPath="${bakPath}\/app-debug-1130-12-54-43.apk"/' app/build.gradle

11.confirm the number11 do successfully

grep -n “number8” app/build.gradle


grep -n "app-debug-1130-12-54-43.apk" app/build.gradle

12.Build in order to the patch apk

gradle tinkerPatchDebug

13.Push patch apk into phone or emulator

adb push app/build/outputs/tinkerPatch/debug/patch_signed_7zip.apk /sdcard/

14.Click LOADPATH Button on the Sample App

If PATH load success,the you can see the Toast which is patch success,please restart process.

15.kill the running apk or restart the running apk

adb shell am force-stop tinker.sample.android


If you phone is root,you can use adb shell kill -9 pid


the content of kill.sh


a.vim kill.sh && chmod 777 ./kill.sh

b.input content of kill.sh

c.then ./kill.sh

16.Start the apk again

adb shell am start tinker.sample.android/.app.MainActivity

17.Click showinfo in order to confirm the patch load successfully or not.

adb logcat | grep TestTinker

If you see log which tag is “TestTinker”,Congratulate to you!

18.Change some codes in order to hot fix bugs from number 8

TODO:// Coding in order to fix bug1

TODO:// Coding in order to fix bug2